About Us

The Labourman.com; Labourman.net are trade mark and trades name for Labourman Services Limited platform; a services provider’s registration and management platform providing centres for services providers management and coordination across all countries of the world. 
We provide integrated services coordination and management for professional services and support providers to serve varying range of customers; the public, corporate organizations and individuals meeting all form of services needs at the point of need with less stress and satisfaction of all their needs.
Labourman.com is aware of the global intricacies and difficulties most individuals and organizations go through in search of reliable services and support providers for their services and supports needs or requirements, hence Labournman.com has become a mall where all kinds of certified services and or supports are shopped and procured by services and or supports requesters (customers, subscribers or persons or organization requiring a service or support).
Labourman.com has processes of registrations and certifications of individuals and organizations providing different kinds of professional, skilled, unskilled and or other basic services and or supports. This Labourman.com certified and verified individuals or organizations are registered and their services supplies/provisioning managed through Labournman.com platform. Thus Labourman.com provides assurance, insurance, guarantees and warrantees for services provided by individuals and organizations we registered and referred to provide such services and or supports.
We boast of a platform that will franchise to manage professionals, skilled and unskilled services and supports provisioning and deliveries in over100 countries around the world.

To make services and supports requirement of organizations and individuals available at every point of need without stress and become a lead global choice platform where services and support needs are sourced and satisfied beyond expectations of the customers at all times.

To create substantial value for customers(subscribers or services requesters) through provision of integrated services and support providers’ certifications, management and monitoring processes that drives the organizations & individuals registered on the Labourman.com to meet the ever sophiscated needs of clients, customers or subscribers timely, efficiently and beyond expectation without compromise to quality.

Labourman.com conducts its business in an ethical and responsible manner always so that all transactions through our platform and our dealings are transparent, equitable and lawful.

We are driven by passion for quality and professionalism at all levels of services and supports supply, deliveries and provisioning. We will achieve and maintain a strategic global position applying world class certifications and verifications of individuals and organizations providers of services and supports on our platform to ensure we remain a trusted option through which guaranteed and warrantied quality professional services and supports of all forms could be sourced and procured.

To enhance customers’, subscribers and or services requesters confidence on individuals and organizations providing requested services to them by applying world best practices of services and supports supply management and monitoring process using state- of-the-art technology; hence we conscientiously ensure that services requesters requirements and expectations met by Labourman.com servicemen and professionals engaged in providing any requested services and or supports.

Labourman.com is committed to providing the services and supports delivery coordination and management to conform to international best standards and applicable regulatory requirements. We are also committed that all individuals or organizations providing services and supports through our platform are qualified, certified and understands the need to provide all of the clients & customers services and supports using the best practicable means and practices to ensure quality at all times. Our servicemen and professionals are duly trained and briefed on the need for quality services at all levels of their services and support supply and delivery.

Labourman.com considers safety and security of our servicemen, professionals and customers/clients as an all important aspect risk management of our operations. A comprehensive zero accident, zero incidents, zero tolerance of insecurity targets is the objective of labourman.com in carrying out all of its operations. A comprehensive risk assessment of all activities forms part of Labourman.com safety and security specific management team. The safety and security management and monitoring team continuously track and monitor all sides(servicemen/professionals & customers/clients/requesters/subscribers) to ensure that all operations are done and concluded with zero incident of safety and security.

Labourman.com provides some levels of guaranties, warranties and insurance for services of individuals and organizations whose services and supports are requested, sourced and or sought through our platform (Review our Terms and Conditions) We are committed to ensuring that when services and or supports of any individual or organization registered in our platform is requested through the Labourman.com platform, we are obliged to provide reasonable assurance that the services and or supports to requested or sought is to be provided to meet the need of the services requester and all such service or support will be protected and covered by our guarantees, warranties and or insurance. In this way expect customer’s confidence and we have obligation to ensure that services and supports rendered through our platform are duly protected by some of insurance or warranties and or guaranties provided such service are those requested and registered on our platform.

Our mission is passionately and professionally driven by a team with diverse experience, multi-skilled and knowledgeable with world class services and supports operations and co-ordinations towards meeting diverse demands and requirements of various customers and the public. The operations directorate manages, monitors and tracks all services and supports requests and diligently ensures the customers/subscribers or services requesters receives utmost speedy efficient services and supports from Labourman.com servicemen/professionals and coordinates all feedbacks for effective services requests delivery and improvement.

Labourman.com is services interchange platform where services and supports requesters meet the servicers and supports providers. We cover every range of services and supports you could ever imagine. We register and manage a whole range of individual and corporate services providers from the most basic to the most complicated ranges of services and supports requirements. We are market place where you can request for any form and level of services and have our register Labourman.com providers and or servicemen/professionals attend to your need efficiently and on time. Here are some of the services/servicemen/professionals and services providers available for your request through our Labourman.com platform. If you send us service requests the provider will come knocking to render the services.