The services in a multifaceted platform for services and products interchange, managed services operations and products sales. It is a fully 24/7 managed operation combining physical and virtual  workshop, store, warehouse, office, shop etc. to provide world class services and products supply and support to all its clients and subscribers worldwide. The Labourman – “Serviceman” service operations provides the services to the prospective client “Service requester” who has made request through the platform.  The platform provides all necessary interfaces between the “serviceman”, “product supplier” and the subscriber/client.  The team through the thorough screening and verification process certifies those “servicemen”, product suppliers, etc. recruits them and has their agreement to the terms and conditions of being member  and staffers of the services team. Following such certification they (Servicemen) are duly processed through the system thus affording them the opportunity to be given the “Serviceman” code – Identification Number(LIN).  The number is uniquely allocated to individual servicemen and service provider with peculiarities to the type of service they provide and their various locations around the world.  The Labourman service centres worldwide and request handling team uses this codes to allocate services request to the different servicemen and Labourman globally depending on the location where service is required. 
A service requester who desires to be provided with any kind of service sends request through SMS/text messaging, E-mail and or phone line calls to the appropriate phone lines or e-mail addresses provided.  A Service request acknowledgement sent back to the requester immediately.  Further details the Labourman “serviceman” and all his relevant details to provide the requested service is sent within tolerable time scale for the scale of service level(Top urgent, High priority, Urgent, priority, normal etc.) being requested by the service requester with appropriate service tracking codes – Service Request Number(SRN) to aid in tracking the progress of the requested service.
The coordinating service desk and service centre keeps on tracking the service providing periodic service update until the service is completely accomplished.

Becoming a Labourman
This page allows you to register online after providing all the relevant data and agreeing with all the terms and conditions.

Online self-service registration requires further verifications and certification of the certification team to enable team assign the newly registered Labourman- “serviceman” Labourman Identification Number(LIN) after due diligence  on the data provided online by the self registeree has be completed.

There is also direct registration through the field team or at any service centres across the world.  This registration affords the registeree to get all necessary verification, certification and accreditation on the spot. 
Every Labourman or intending Labourman is subjected to series of test and checks to satisfy relevant general and specific conditions of engagement, background checks etc. before a certification is approved.  Once engaged as a Labourman – Serviceman, the Labourman is expected to abide by all the rules of engagement and maintain all rules governing the operations of the service.  In the event of default, the defaulting Labourman is deleted and or decommissioned from service.  In the event of severe default, the legal and security team of the service may initiate prosecution against the defaulting serviceman.  All “Serviceman” are expected to also abide by the regulatory and relevant laws of the country of operation. For avoidance of doubt some details and explanation of the rules and laws of each country are provided during registration, verification and orientations before full accreditation is approved. Before final accreditation is offered, all the intending Labourman data would have been carefully verified.
Every Labourman registration requires payment of registration fee which is valid covers the Labourman for one year.  At the end of the first year of registration a renewal fee is charged for each year of renewal for the rest of the other subsequent years of engagement with
Payment of the fees shall be through online only; on exceptional cases payment shall be made to the service agent and receipt of such payment is corrected of records and operational verification.

Registering/Login in as a Service Requester- Requesting for Service
The services requesters’ registrations/login panel allows individuals/persons who wish to request for services to register or login at any time. Services requester registrations is a prerequisite for individual to be able to start requesting for services online, via email or via s.m.s each time they require any kind of  service from or the labourman/serviceman. During the registrations, a unique identity code is assigned to a verified registered service requester/subscribe. This code must be quoted in all transactions/services requests with the either through online, emails, s.m.s or phone calls.
Registration can also be through s.m.s. I this case there are set of information that will be requested by the Labourman services registrations centre in a reply s.m.s to aid the services requester’s verification. It is only when those requirements are met that the subscriber/services requester is registered and issued with the requester’s  ID.code.

Fees and Payment for Services
There provides various options for payment for services and fees charged on the platform. Payment can either be online, transfers, cash and or through s.m.s charges.  Some level of fees/charges is paid online or by deposit to account during registrations, renewal or requesting for services. Services requester/Subscribers registrations are totally free.

  1. Payment for services and material used to render service to a subscriber/service is either made directly to serviceman/labourman

  2. is remitted to account through online transfers or deposit into the account.

The options are really dependent on whichever option that is convenient to the service requester/subscriber. All payments for services/materials are agreed before the start of services delivery and any adjustment is also agreed before service is rendered. The Labourman/serviceman presents a service form detailing the agreed services/materials/cost which is signed and approved by the service requester/subscriber before services are rendered. Payment of the agreed sum is made to the Labourman/serviceman or deposited to account before the commencement of services delivery
If a certain amount of cash or deposit is deemed too large to be paid to the Labourman/serviceman direct, the requester/subscriber could opt to deposit or transfer it to account.
All payment made following the approval of the services delivery form which a copy must be with the services requester and recorded in the account is covered under the insurance and warranty agreement which is part of the terms and conditions agreed to at the registrations stage by the services requester/subscriber.
For avoidance of doubts, contact the service/helpdesk before the releasing of some level of payment directly to the Labourman/Serviceman.

  1. Payment for all corporate services and service rendered to corporate bodies are made directly to account through deposit or transfers unless otherwise approved finance operations in which case it may be paid to the Labourman/serviceman direct.

Insurance Cover for Services provides reasonable public liability insurance cover for its operations across the world. This is to ensure that the performance of the services rendered by our servicemen/labourman to the individual and the public in general are covered appropriately against damages, loss and or defects. This is detailed in the terms and condition and users agreement.

Warrantees & Guarantees for Products and Services provides limited warrantees and guarantees for products and services requested directly from the platform and registered through the system. This is to ensure that subscribers/requesters of services from are provided with some level of comfort on the quality of service/products they receive.

Complains & Conflict Resolution
In the event where the service requester/subscriber has complaint against the serviceman/labourman, the complaint will immediately evaluate the complaint and assign appropriate resources to ensure the requester/subscriber is satisfied and expectation met. Complaint is sent directly to the complaint desk through  and or s.m.s or phone calls to the numbers provided.  The complaint desk handles all the coordination between the requesters & servicemean/labourman and ensures a balance is maintained.

The report/feedback panel enables the subscriber/service requester to give feedback and rate the services received from serviceman/labourman. This is also an effective way of monitoring the performance of field team. The information provided is useful for the creation of the changes for efficiency.